Sunday, January 15, 2012

Parking was very challenging throughout the city this weekend.  Did fewer San Franciscans drive north to the slopes because of the lack of snow?    Most renters decide to move when the weather improves in the spring.  Are people moving earlier this year because the weather is not inclement?

I say yes to all of the above!  I noticed our inventory of rentals (mostly in the sub $3000 range) depleting quickly this month.  What is usually the start of the ski season in Squaw, Northstar and all the slopes around Tahoe, Martin Luther King weekend has turned into a rather busy weekend for prospective renters and agents with inventory. 

Sadly, this has put a chill on the hospitality industry for the big resorts.  Hopefully they will recover if and when the rain comes.  The Niner’s victory did seem to “lift” most spirits.

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